ANZSCTS Scholarships

2015 Franklin Rosenfeldt Research Grant

Submissions for the 2015 scholarship are not yet open.

There will be 3 grants issued totalling $20,000. The amount of each grant will be at the discretion of the review committee who will award amounts based on the quality of the applications.


  • Applicants must be current financial members of the ANZSCTS (Australia and New Zealand FRACS or CTS Trainees that are proposed by one ANZSCTS FRACS – this is usually one of the Investigators).
  • On completion of the project a report of the findings must be given as an oral presentation at the Annual ANZSCTS Scientific Meeting and at the completion of the project, a final report must be presented to the ANZSCTS.

Deadline: TBA.

Submission Method: Complete the application form and send to via email to


2014 Franklin Rosenfeldt Research Grant

The recipients of the 2014 Franklin Rosenfeldt Research Foundation Grants were:

  • Ben Dunne – $10,000 for “Functional and cellular Outcomes after Reanimation post Explant using Custodiol, ALM or St Thomas
  • William Shi – $10,000 for “Remote ischaemic preconditioning in cardiac transplantation

2013 Franklin Rosenfeldt Research Grant

The recipient of the 2013 Franklin Rosenfeldt Research Foundation grant was Andrew Cheng for the project titled “Prevent AF”.


2012 Franklin Rosenfeldt Research Grant

The recipient of the inaugural Franklin Rosenfeldt Research Foundation was Julie Mundy for the project titled “VLCD diet before cardiac surgery in metabolic syndrome”.


2011 Scholarships

The Executive endorsed the issue of 3 grants at $10,000 each at a total of $30,000. Recipients of the grants were:

  1. Julie Mundy – “Frailty in Cardiac Surgery”
  2. Franklin Rosenfeldt – “Donor Heart Perfusion”
  3. Gavin Wright – “Adenocarcinoma taxonomy linking subtype to gene expression”


2010 Scholarships

The Executive endorsed the issue of 6 grants at $10,000 each at a total of $60,000. Recipients of the grants were:

  1. Julie Mundy – “Randomized Aortic Valve Replacement Study in patients aged 55-70 years”.
  2. Bruce Garlick – “Autologous Endothelialisation of Bioprosthetic Heart Valves”.
  3. Silvana Marasco – “The role of apoptosis in primary graft failure in heart transplantation”.
  4. Pallav Shah – “Treatment outcomes for IHD in dialysis-dependent patients”.
  5. Andrew Newcomb – “Nitrix Oxide Metabolism, Cardiovascular Disease and Myocardial Injury”.
  6. Peter Pohlner – “Functional outcomes, exercise capacity and recovery for patients after cardiac surgery”.


2009 Scholarships

The Executive endorsed the issue of 4 grants at a total of $50,000:

  1. Two assessments at $15,000 each to David Winlaw and Silvana Marasco and,
  2. Two assessments at $10,000 each to Julie Mundy and Satsuki Fukushima.
  • David Winlaw — “Modeling and treating the low cardiac output state”.
  • Silvana Marasco — “Carbon dioxide insufflation in cardiac surgery”.
  • Julie Mundy — “Randomized study to determine outcomes following AVR in age 55 to 70 years”.
  • Satsuki Fukushima — “Role of HMGB1 in the pathogens of aortic stenosis”.