Global Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellows Program

Edwards Lifesciences has generously offered the ANZSCTS two positions for Cardiothoracic trainees to attend ‘The Global Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellows Program’.

This program has been run for over a decade in the USA. It gives trainees from around the globe the opportunity to participate in a high level educational meeting at Edwards Lifesciences Head Quarters in California. The speakers represent a Who’s Who of Cardiothoracic Surgeons. The attendees have a remarkable opportunity to meet and network with their global peers.

ANZSCTS will offer these two positions as a competitive Educational Grant to our RACS Advanced Cardiothoracic Trainees.

Who can Apply: The applicant must be a RACS Cardiothoracic trainee in SET 4, 5 or 6. The applicant must be a current financial Associate Member of the ANZSCTS. IMG candidates are not eligible to apply.

Value: Business class flight, accommodation and course fee, valued at $10,000 AUD per person.

Meeting / Program Dates: TBA. Edwards HQ have yet to publish dates. We have been advised that this will likely be held in early November. Please see the 2018 Edwards Lifesciences, Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellows Program Agenda as a guide.

Selection Criteria:

  • Applicants will require to provide a 3-7 minute operative video/audio with the aim of educating their colleagues on a particular operation or aspect of cardiothoracic operative surgery. This could be narrow e.g. “Harvest of the Left Internal Thoracic Artery” or wider e.g. “Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery”. The trainee does not need to be performing the operation, however, the operative video does need to be original.
  • Applicants must apply on the application form, accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae of no more than three pages unless otherwise stated.
  • The application is to be supported/proposed by one ANZSCTS FRACS.
  • The video will be judged by a panel from ANZSCTS, on criteria including educational value, production quality, explanatory quality.

Conditions of entry: The winning videos and a selection of the other videos will be presented at the Annual ANZSCTS Scientific Meeting. Applicants will assign the rights for the videos to be uploaded on to the ANZSCTS website.

Closing Date for Applications: 30 September 2019.

Submission Method: Submissions are now closed.