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Data collection, entry and submission


At each unit, a minimum data set is collected either electronically into the web system or paper based forms. A template paper form is provided by the Data Management Centre, this form contains the minimum data set. Sites are able to customise the form if additional data collection is required. The Data Manager at each site is responsible for the distribution of these forms.

The Data Management Centre suggests pre-operative data (pages 1 and 2) be completed by the Resident, intra-operative and post-operative data be completed by the Operating Consultant, and outcomes data (page 5) be completed by the Registrar. Data is then transcribed into the online centralised database by the Data Manager, who ensures the accuracy (with adherence to the Data Definitions Manual) and completeness.

The data is analysed on a quarterly and annual basis, with the results reported to Data Managers and HoU of each unit, for further distribution.

Submitting a request for summary data


Surgeons should contact their unit Data Manager to obtain an extract of their own data. Please note, only de-identifiable data will be available.

Should data from multiple sites or comparing other surgeons, be required, a Hospital and Summary Data Request Form should be submitted to Only de-identifiable summary data will be available, and may incur an analysis fee depending on the complexity of the analysis required.

For more information please also refer to the Research page.

How to join the Database


The Database is an important tool to monitor, benchmark, and report on the quality of treatment and care of patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery, across Australia and New Zealand. To participate please contact the ANZSCTS Cardiac Surgery Database. Please click here for more information about the operational process and benefits of participating in the database. An information brochure may also be downloaded.

General enquires:

The ANZSCTS Cardiac Surgery Database


Phone: 03 9903 0518

Contractual and billing enquires:

Mr Gil Shardey, Director, ACSRI Ltd


Phone: 03 9509 8333

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