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Data Collection, Entry and Submission

At each unit, a minimum data set is collected either directly into the web system or on paper based forms (case report form). If the case report form is used, it should be attached to medical records and follow the patient throughout their care. The Data Manager is responsible for ensuring the form is available to clinical staff at each site, which includes printing and disseminating the form. A copy of the case report form is available upon request to the ANZSCTS Database ( 

The operating surgeon or an appropriate delegate should complete the pre-operative fields (Sections 1-4) and intra-operative fields (Sections 6-10). The perfusionist (or Data Manager with clinical experience) should complete the haemodynamic fields (Section 5). The post-operative fields (Section 11-12) should be completed by the intensivist, ICU nurse and/or the Data Manager. Once these sections are complete the Data Manager should ensure accuracy (with adherence to the Data Definitions Manual) and completeness and enter the the data into the web system. Mortality and readmission data (Section 13) must be completed by the Data Manager 30 days post surgery.

The data is analysed on a quarterly and annual basis, with the results reported to the Head of Unit and Data Manager/s at each unit, for further distribution.


Submitting a Request for Summary Data

Surgeons are able to download their raw case data and non-identifiable surgeons reports. If unsure how to access these options please talk to your units Data Manager on contact the ANZSCTS Database for assistance ( Data Managers can also run non-identifiable reports for site comparison or unit summary data.

Should additional data or specialised analysis be required, a Hospital and Summary Data Request Form should be submitted to Only non-identifiable summary data will be available, and may incur an analysis fee depending on the complexity of the analysis required.

For more information please also refer to the Research page.

How to Join the Database

The Database is an important tool to monitor, benchmark, and report on the quality of treatment and care of patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery, across Australia and New Zealand. To participate please contact the ANZSCTS Cardiac Surgery Database. 

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