Endorsement of Non-Society Scientific Meetings

Purpose & Scope

The ANZSCTS recognises the importance of lifelong learning and supports educational endeavours throughout the continuum of trainees’ and Fellows’ professional lives. In this context ANZSCTS has determined that the Society has a role to endorse programs, courses and educational activities available to Fellows and trainees.



  • The meeting must be run by a member of the ANZSCTS
  • A formal letter of request from the organisers of the meeting to the ANZSCTS President 6 months prior to the event. This will be forwarded to the Executive who will:
    • review the proposed programme with particular regard to the objectives and the scientific quality of the programme;
    • assess the interest of the ANZSCTS in endorsing the educational/scientific event;
    • ANZSCTS may request and nominate a representative to participate on the Organising and Programme Committees of that meeting;
  • ANZSCTS will not be responsible for any pre/post meeting financial support of the program
  • The objectives of the scientific meeting are consistent with those of the ANZSCTS;
  • Speakers at all ANZSCTS endorsed meetings must provide a disclosure slide at the beginning of their presentation to indicate whether they have received any financial remuneration or support to attend the meeting;
  • The convenor/organiser will be responsible for the overall management of the program
  • The ANZSCTS will advertise and promote the event in the ANZSCTS Meeting Calendar on the website – www.anzscts.org
  • Promote the event through its assembly communication channels such as via email (if applicable).
  • When possible the organisers to reduce the registration fees for ANZSCTS Members.
  • Mention “Endorsed by the ANZSCTS” with the Society name and logo printed on the programmes and other printed or electronic document.