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The ANZSCTS is the only Society that specifically represents the interests of cardiac and thoracic surgeons in this region. It has affiliations with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia (ATCVSA). The ANZSCTS academic and political strength and its significance emanates from its Membership. As noted in the ANZSCTS Constitution, the ANZSCTS role is to promote and represent the professional development and interests of cardiac and thoracic surgeons.


The Society also provides a forum for the presentation of scientific and clinical subjects in cardiac and thoracic surgery. In addition, the ANZSCTS comprises of a Board of Studies of Cardiothoracic Surgery and a Science and Education Committee. These committees are responsible for the maintenance of educational standards for cardiothoracic surgeons in training. Membership also entitles you to receive copies of Heart Lung and Circulation Journal and notices of Australian meetings.


Membership Application Process

Membership of ANZSCTS is governed by the Constitution. Begin by complete the application form below. Non-FRACS applicants will require a Proposer, who will be contacted by the Society upon receipt of your application. Applications will then be presented at the next Executive meeting for approval. In the meantime your name will be entered on our membership database so you can begin receiving Heart Lung and Circulation Journal.


AUDAnnual Membership Fees

Full Member (AUS) – FRACS 6 Years Plus



AUD $200

Full Member (ANZ)  – FRACS 3 to 5 years


Associate Member – SET 1 & 2


Full Member (ANZ) – FRACS  up to 3 years


Associate Member – SET 3


Full Member – FRACS Overseas


Associate Member – SET 4,5 & 6


Full Member (NZ) – FRACS 6 Years Plus

AUD $700

Affiliate Member (Nurse, Others)


Senior Member


Associate Member              $240


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