Dunedin CSSP and Fellowship Course

Date: 20/07/2024 to 07/07/2024

Venue: Leisure Lodge Hotel

City: Dunedin, New Zealand


The week is specifically designed for those planning to sit the CSSP and the Fellowship exams. Parts of the course are also particularly relevant to those working in the field of Cardiothoracic Medicine wanting to consolidate their knowledge of the basic sciences as they pertain to the cardiac and respiratory systems. Some days of the week would also be particularly helpful for trainees in Cardiology, Medicine, Perfusion and Intensive Care. Nursing staff working in the Cath lab would also benefit plus perfusionists and Nurse Specialists. The course is designed in a modular fashion so attendees can choose which days are particularly relevant to them.

More information in the attached flyer.

Leisure Lodge Hotel

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