Recent awards for ANZSCTS Fellows

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A/Prof Julie Mundy received the 2021 distinguished RACS Court of Honour award. The Court of Honour exists to both honour its members and provide advice to Council. Members of the Court are chosen from those who have shown continuing personal interest in the College. Julie will be presented the award at the RACS ASC in Brisbane, 2-6 May.

Prof. Alistair Royse received the RACS Sir Louis Barnett Medal for outstanding contributions to education, training and advancement in surgery. Alistair will be presented the award at the RACS ASC in Brisbane, 2-6 May.

Prof. Mark Edwards is also a past recipient (awarded 2012) of the RACS Sir Louis Barnett Medal.

Prof. Yves D’Udekem was the number one individual researcher in the Australian Research Review 10 November 2021, in the “Heart and Thoracic Surgery” research category. Royal Melbourne Hospital was the top Research Institution in Australia for “Heart and Thoracic Surgery”  (in Health and Medical Sciences), based on Publications in the 20 top relevant journals over the past 5 years.

Prof. Paul Bannon, was named the Top Researcher in Australia in the field of cardiology by The Australian Newspaper’s 2021 Research Magazine. This ranking is based on the number of citations for papers published in the top 20 journals in his field, over the past five years.


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