20th Anniversary of the ANZSCTS Database

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Database News | 0 comments

The first of June marked the 20th anniversary of the first case entered into the ANZSCTS Cardiac Surgery Database. The Database Program started with six Victorian public hospital units and currently includes over 170,000 records from fifty-eight units throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Importantly, through its Research Committee, the Database fosters clinical research, including combined projects with other Databases, so that over ninety papers utilising ANZSCTS Database data have been published in peer-reviewed journals to date.

The Database supports hospitals and surgeons by providing them with detailed information about their surgical procedures and outcomes and through a comprehensive and continuously improving quality assurance program. The 21st year of the Database will see the introduction of notable enhancements, including the implementation of new risk-adjustment models, expansion of the procedures reviewed and statistical methods used, and improved feedback to hospitals.

The Database thanks the State and Territory governments and individual hospitals that have supported the Program, and appreciates the wide engagement of surgeons and hospitals that make the work of the Database possible.


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